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Framing the Conversation on SoapBox and in Challenges

Last Updated: Jun 19, 2017 10:47AM EDT
Framing the discussion on your SoapBox

FRAMING THE CONVERSATION on your SoapBox is one of the most critical steps in launching your SoapBox community or private Challenge. Imagine the Mayor gathering all citizens into the Town Hall and proclaiming, “Collaborate!” Chances are she will primarily get silent stares, as people are tongue tied for what to say, or the input shared will be on a wide range of topics and likely unhelpful.

The Essential Ingredients:

Part 1: The Purpose - why do you want to collect employee input?  If people understand why you are doing something and believe it is important, then they are more likely to join in. The same goes for a SoapBox community.

The first sentence should indicate why you are looking for input. Are you trying to improve process efficiencies? Did your employee engagement survey indicate employees want to be more involved in making your company successful? 

Part 2: The Call to Action - what kind of input do you want? The second sentence in your SoapBox framing statement should explain the different kinds of input that employees are encouraged to share: STARTS are net new suggestions, STOPS are opportunities for process efficiencies, KEEPS are best practices and CLARIFIES are questions.


  1. Tie the topic of your community to top priorities for your organization. This way the input will be actionable and create value.
  2. Make the topic understandable for the broader community. Put yourself in the shoes of your most junior community member and ask yourself “will they get what I’m asking?”
  3. Be as specific as possible. This is your chance to explain your vision and clarify details. 
  4. Oh – and keep it short. Frame your conversation in 150 words or less. 


At Meadow Hospital, we aim to provide the best in patient care. What would you START (new suggestions), STOP (opportunities for efficiency), KEEP (best practices) and CLARIFY (questions) to ensure we create a supportive, comforting and reliable patient experience? 


Improving the way we work is our number one priority at First State Bank. This is your place to share STARTS (new suggestions), STOPS (opportunities for efficiency), KEEPS (best practices), and CLARIFIES (questions) on how to enhance the First State Bank client experience and create a better workplace.


Fancy Department Store has the best shopping experience in the world. What would you START (new suggestions), STOP (opportunities for efficiency), KEEP (best practices) and CLARIFY (questions) to make our service even more spectacular? 

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