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How to design your SoapBox Governance Structure

Last Updated: Jun 19, 2017 10:44AM EDT
Setting up Governance Structures  

Your SoapBox team is the engine that keeps your SoapBox running. They meet regularly to review top conversations, program highlights and the progress of initiatives. Read on to learn more about the SoapBox team roles and responsibilities. 

Standard Governance
Enterprise Governance

SoapBox Engagement Standards

See attached for our Standard and Enterprise Governance best practices and profiles of each SoapBox team role.

Standard Governance: 

The Program Manager is responsible for program administration. They're the ones who manage the pre-launch process and help sustain engagement after launch. Specifically, they review activity on SoapBox and assign the most popular inputs to the appropriate team leaders. They also work with the comms team to ensure program highlights and celebrations are regularly communicated to the company. 

SoapBox Leaders are accountable for regularly reviewing and giving feedback (via comments and responses) to inputs scoped to their group. For instance, the Marketing team lead would be expected to collaborate with employees on the inputs tagged "For Marketing'"on SoapBox. 

The Executive Sponsor champions the SoapBox program internally and is the SoapBox advocate at the senior executive table. They meet regularly with the Program Manager to review program highlights and in turn share these at their senior leadership meetings. 

Enterprise Governance: 

In larger companies with more complex organizational structures it's sometimes necessary build a more complex governance system that includes the following roles:

The Head Program Manager oversees the entire program and ensures that the Division Program Managers are supported in their efforts.

Division Program Managers administer the SoapBox program for their own division and ensure that inputs are routed to the appropriate team leader(s).

Team Leaders regularly collaborate with their employees on SoapBox, review all inputs that relate to their team's goals, and implement the best ones. 

The Executive Sponsor plays the same role in the Standard and Enterprise governance systems.

SoapBox Engagement Standards:

Assigning Inputs: All inputs that pass the vote threshold should be assigned to the SoapBox leader accountable for the organizational group the input is scoped to 

Who's accountable? At first, the Program Manager; as your program matures, SoapBox Leaders should take initiative and assign inputs for their group to themselves.

First Response: For smaller communities with fewer inputs being shared, it makes sense to respond to inputs before they've hit the vote threshold. For larger communities, we recommend that you add your first response within the first 14 days of it surpassing your vote threshold. That way employees know your'e listening. 

Who's accountable? SoapBox Leaders.

Updated Response: Updates on the progress of the initiative should be provided at least every 90 days until it's either completeddeclined or closed. But if you have an update, share it right away - no need to wait for the 90-day mark. 

Who's accountable? SoapBox Leaders. 

Ready to train your SoapBox team? Check out our training resources! Then, learn more about how to collaborate on and manage inputs
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