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How to use Dashboard-beta

Last Updated: Jul 18, 2017 05:01PM EDT

Take a Closer Look at the SoapBox Dashboard

Please note: Dashboard-beta is still in "development mode". There are a number of known issues with this feature. If you come across any other issues or bugs when using the Dashboard-beta please let your CSM know or contact our support team at [email protected] 

We've distilled years of learning what makes a SoapBox community successful into an actionable framework that puts the most valuable stats front and centre.

Known Issues
How to give us feedback


Tailor your view to find the stats that matter most to you!

Date range filtering lets you choose the date range you'd like to analyze.

Advanced filtering options let you slice the data by organizational group or by Challenge.

Easily find actionable insights!

The 'Overview' tab: Get a pulse check on your SoapBox health

  • Are your employees active?
  • Are conversations on topic?
  • Are your leaders closing feedback loops?
  • Are initiatives moving forward?

Detail Pages

The 'Are Users Active?' tab: Understand who is using SoapBox 

  • Adoption - how many people have created accounts?
  • Active Users - of those with accounts, how many have logged in?
  • User Activity - what kind of input are employees sharing?
  • Contributing Users - of those who have logged in, who is sharing input?


The 'Are Ideas on Topic?' tab: See the type of input your employees are sharing 

  • Top Voted Keywords - which words appear most often in the top voted inputs?
  • Activity by Objective - which of your objectives are employees engaging with most? 

For some communities, there may be slight discrepancies between the data in this section and what is shown in the downloadable csv's. Please let your Program Manager or Customer Success Manager know if you spot anything that seems off. 

The 'Are Leaders Responding?' tab: Make sure your leaders are closing feedback loops
  • Response Rate and Percent of Community Touched - have your leaders been giving feedback to employee input? And, how many people have engaged with the inputs that have received leadership feedback?
  • Overdue Engagement Standards - which employee inputs are waiting for feedback

Got questions? We've got answers!

How did you calculate each stat?
Our handy Tooltips explain how we calculated each number. Hover over the 'i' icon next to the data to view explanations for each calculation.

How can I highlight data from a particular day?
Just toggle over the graph and we'll highlight what you need to know for that time period!

Will any of my data from the old Dashboard be lost?

Nope, it’s all there!

Can I still use the old Dashboard?
The old Dashboard will be sticking around until we transfer all of the functionality you know and love (like total number of active people in a given time period) over to the new one. We’ll give you a heads up before we take it down. 

Speaking of CSV downloads...can I download the CSV from the new Dashboard?
You bet! csv downloads are supported in dashboard-beta. 

Is the new Dashboard available in other languages?
Si! It is en français and en español.
Can I see Challenges data?

Yes, you can filter your data to see isolated stats from any one Challenge. 

Can I segment by Department, Role, etc.? 
Yes, you can filter the data by whichever groups you’ve set up. If you’d like to learn more about setting up Hierarchies and Groups on your SoapBox get in touch with

Who is able to see my Dashboard?
Innovation Partners, Program Managers and Owners have access to the Dashboard.

How often is the data updated?
Data for the day prior is updated daily at 3am. 

What data sets are included in the new Dashboard?
  • If a user can no longer access SoapBox (e.g. no longer an employee) their ideas, votes, comments, responses and notes are included.
  • If a user is blocked, their ideas, votes, comments, responses and notes are included.
  • If an idea is flagged the votes, comments and responses on that idea are included.
  • If an idea is blocked and rejected the votes, comments and responses on that idea are not included.
  • If an idea is deleted the votes, comments and responses on that idea are counted historically, but are not included from the deletion date onward.
  • If an idea is closed the votes, comments and responses on that idea are included.

What are the currently known issues with Dashboard-beta?

None at the moment! 

How to give us feedback
Please email [email protected] or contact your CSM to report any issues.
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