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Setting the Vote Threshold

Last Updated: Jun 19, 2017 10:40AM EDT
Choosing the Right Vote Threshold

The Vote Threshold is a metric we set to let your community know which inputs will be reviewed by leaders.

Why do we set it?
First of all, to manage your community's expectations - employees want to know what it will take to get leadership feedback.  

Secondly, to set engagement standards for leaders - this metric helps them manage the flow of input they need to give feedback to.

How do I choose the right threshold?
You should aim to give feedback to 25% of the employee inputs. So, if you have a high number of users who tend to vote a lot, the threshold will be higher. If you have a smaller community that isn't as active, the threshold will be lower. 

Why 25%?
When 25% of inputs get feedback, employees know that their leaders are listening and feel more engaged with the initiatives you need buy-in on. What's more, leaders are able to maintain a manageable workflow and tend not to get overwhelmed at this level. 

Can I give feedback to ideas below the vote threshold?
Yes! The vote threshold is meant to be a safety net, ensuring that the most popular inputs are reviewed. But you can and should proactively seek out inputs for your organizational group, and add feedback if you want to move them forward. If they're not ready for official feedback, add comments to build out the thought until it's fully formed! 

Learn when to comment and when to respond here

How does the vote threshold change over time?
As you add more users and voting increases, we can increase the vote threshold to maintain a realistic ratio and manageable workflow for leaders. 

How will we know when it's time to change?
You can keep track of your feedback rate (response rate) on your SoapBox dashboard. If you see that it's too high, talk to your CSM about increasing the vote threshold. If you change the threshold, be sure to communicate the update to your entire community. 
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