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Finding and Interacting With Ideas

Last Updated: Jul 05, 2017 05:18PM EDT

There are lots of ways to find and engage with your colleagues’ ideas on SoapBox.

In this Article:

Finding ideas

Interacting with ideas


The banner lives at the top of the Ideas page. It serves up ideas that you haven't yet voted or commented on.

b) Search Bar

Use the search bar to find ideas by number or keyword. To search by idea number, make sure you include the "#" sign before the number (e.g., #122 to find idea 122). The search will only match words in the idea itself, not the comments or author of the idea.

c) Sorting

You can sort ideas by: 

Recent - show ideas from most to least recent.
Trending - show ideas by activity level; those with the highest votes, views and comments show up near the top.
Most votes - show ideas by most up-votes, or most down-votes.
Most debated - show ideas by most contested - i.e. those with nearly equal ‘up’ and ‘down’ votes are displayed first. The higher the total vote count (up and down) the higher it will appear on the list. 

d) Filtering

Use filtering to find ideas categorized by:

e) Response type - find ideas in various stages of progress.
f) Objective - find ideas categorized under a SoapBox objective(s).
g) Organizational Group - if your SoapBox has groups enabled, you’ll be able to see a list of all “Ideas For” a group [i.e. someone chose the group from the drop down when they were submitting their idea] and “Ideas From” a group [i.e. someone from that group submitted the idea].

Interacting with ideas

Click on any idea to view it: 

Here you can:

h) Vote - you can up-vote or down-vote an idea. Voting is anonymous, and once you cast your vote, you can’t take it back. 
i) Comment - if you’ve got some expertise or insight to share, add a comment to get a conversation going on an idea. You can attach files to your comment by clicking the paperclip icon at the bottom left. 
j) Reply to a comment - if there are already comments on the idea, you can hit the reply icon to keep the conversation going. The person who left the original comment will get a notification letting them know you’ve replied. 
k) Flag Comment - you will see this option when you hover over the comment. If the comment is inappropriate, you can flag it and a SoapBox admin (i.e Program Manager) will receive a notification to review it. You can also flag an Idea (not shown here).
l) Follow - following an idea subscribes you to notifications about that idea. 
m) Share - clicking the envelope icon allows you to share a direct link to the idea via email. 
n) Delete - you can delete your own ideas and comments. There is no way to undo this once they’ve been deleted. 
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