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Submitting an Idea

Last Updated: Jul 05, 2017 05:17PM EDT
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Where to submit your idea
Steps to submitting an idea


Where to submit your Idea

There are 3 ways to submit your ideas in SoapBox:
  1. On the Home page - type your idea into the dialogue box at the top of the idea feed

  2. On the Ideas Page - click "Add a new idea”

  3. In Challenges - click “Add a new idea”

Steps to submitting an idea:
  1. Type and scope your idea: Type your idea into the dialogue box, then choose the group(a) and objective(b)* your idea relates to from the drop down menus.

    If you’re adding your idea from the Homepage or Ideas page, you may see a flag icon in the dialogue box(c). Click that and select a challenge if you’d like to your idea to be added to one of the existing Challenges you’re a part of.

    If a similar idea exists, you will see a count of the similar ideas (d). To review these ideas click “Next”. Otherwise, click "Submit" and skip to Step 3.

    *Note: If you don’t choose an objective, you will not be able to submit your idea. 

  2. Review Similar Ideas: The next screen will give you a list of similar ideas that have already been submitted. Review these, and if your idea already exists, click on it to go vote or comment on that one instead. If not, you can either hit “Edit Idea” to go back, or “Submit Anyway” to post your idea. 

    Note: You cannot edit your idea after this step, but you can delete it and start over after you’ve completed the next step (sharing your idea). 
  3. Share your Idea: On the last screen, we’ll suggest some colleagues you can share your idea with. You can add more people to the list by typing their name into the dotted box(e) at the bottom of the screen, or remove them by clicking the ‘x’ beside their name.  Anyone on the list  will get an email with a link to go vote and comment on your idea. 

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