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Last Updated: Aug 02, 2018 03:18PM EDT
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Quick Filters
Admin Labels
Official Responses


Welcome to the Manage - Ideas Page. Here is where you will manage all ideas submitted to SoapBox.

Quick Filters(A) - Helps you keep track of the input you need to take action on.
  • All - view all input submitted
  • Needs Assignment - view input that needs to be assigned to an admin
  • Needs first response - view input that has not been responded to within the “Time to First Response” threshold
  • Needs additional response - view input that has not been updated with an additional response within the “Time to Updated Response” threshold
  • Assigned to you - view all input that has been assigned to you
  • Mentioning you - view all input that you are @mentioned in (either the idea itself or the comment)
  • You responded to - view all input that you have responded to

Administrator Labels(B) - Organize input into categories that make sense to you. 

To add an Administrator Label click "Create One!"

Start typing the name of your label and when you are finished, click the droplet on the left to choose the colour of your label. 

Then, click “Add”. 

Once you are finished adding labels, click the green check mark at the top left to exit “edit mode”. If you’d like to delete a label, click the “x” on the left of the label. 

To label an idea, click the label you’d like to add, drag the label and drop it on top of the idea you’d like to label. 

Active Ideas(C) - Shows all ideas that have not been closed by an admin.

Closed Ideas(D) - Shows all closed ideas. Closed ideas are only visible to admins in the Manage tab.

Search Bar(E) - For more info on how the search bar works refer to Finding and Interacting With Ideas article.

Filtering(F) - For more info on how filtering works refer to Finding and Interacting With Ideas article.

Sorting(G) - For more info on how sorting works refer to Finding and Interacting With Ideas article.

Display Options(H) - Choose what idea information you’d like displayed.

Ideas(I) - All input submitted to your SoapBox. The ideas highlighted in red indicate that the idea has passed the threshold of “Time to First Response”.

Clicking the gear icon gives you a few options. Click "View Idea" to add an official response or write an admin note. Choose "Bundle This Idea" to group it with other similar input.  Learn more about Bundling in the Bundling Ideas Article.

Clicking on “Add a response now” will open up an Official Response modal. Here you can go through the step-by-step process of officially responding to an idea. 

Clicking on the Input itself or “View Idea” from the gear icon will bring you to this page: 

J) Input - This is the input that was submitted.

K) Official Response - If someone has responded to the input, you’ll see the response here.

L) Admin Notes - These notes will only be seen by other admins. You can add attachments to the notes as well by clicking the paperclip in the bottom left. If you @mention someone in an admin note, they will receive an email notification.

M) Comments - Shows the comments on the idea. You cannot comment on the idea in this view. If you’d like to comment on the idea, you must go to the idea on the ideas page, home page or challenge if it is part of a challenge.

N) Assigning - Here you can assign the idea to an admin who will see this idea in the “Assigned to you” filter. 

O) Labelling - Here you can apply admin labels.

P) Following - Here you can follow or unfollow the idea. Following an idea subscribes you to notifications whenever the idea is either commented on, officially responded to about that idea.

Q) Add an Official Response  - Here you can add an official response to the idea. Clicking this opens up the modal to add an official response shown earlier.

R) Active/Closed - Here you can close the idea. Closing an idea means the idea will not be seen on the ideas/home or in the challenge page anymore. It will only be visible in the manage tab under “Closed”.

S) Edit Objective - Here you can edit the objective of an idea. Click on the tag symbol and a dropdown of all objectives will appear where you can select a different objective. 

Official Responses

Every SoapBox community comes with a standard set of Official Responses:

In Consideration - the idea might be possible but some further investigation/information is needed.

Accepted - the idea is feasible and will be worked on.

In Progress - the idea is actively being worked on!

Completed - the idea has been implemented!

Declined - the idea does not align with strategic priorities/resources/timelines, etc. and will not be implemented.

If the language doesn't resonate with your organization, you can work with our support team to customize your Official Responses.
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