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Last Updated: Jul 05, 2017 05:16PM EDT
Bundling is a great way to merge similar ideas together and have them act as one. 

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Bundles Tab
Steps to Bundling an Idea
Flipping Votes
Response Message


Bundles Tab

Here is where you can manage all bundles. You may Edit the bundle or Unbundle the ideas. 

Steps to Bundling an idea:
  1. Go to the 'Manage' tab, then to the 'Ideas' sub navigation and click the gear icon on the right side of the input you want to bundle. 

    Select "Bundle this idea" and this modal will pop up: 

  2. Find the additional input you'd like to include in the bundle. You can add as many as you'd like! Search for other related input by keyword or by input number by typing a “#” sign before the number eg. #45.  

  3. Choose the "Parent" input. This is the main input that will show up  on top of all others in the bundle. 

  4. Review your changes and hit save. The authors of any inputs in the bundle will be sent a notification that their input has been bundled. 


Flipping Votes

If you're bundling similar inputs that are expressed as opposite sentiments, you can flip the votes. 

E.g. Your parent idea might be expressed in the positive: "I love ice cream", but your child idea could be expressed in the negative: "I hate ice cream". If "I love ice cream" has 15 up votes and "I hate ice cream" has 10 down votes (i.e. they actually love ice cream), you effectively have 25 up votes for the bundle. 

To flip votes, click the gear icon on the bottom right of the child idea and select "Flip Votes”.

Response Message

This is the message users will see in their email notification notifying them that their idea has been bundled. It is meant to explain the reason why the idea they submitted is being bundled. Eg. In the screenshot below, the email will show “This idea is similar to #93 [i.e. the input number]” as a default message if you don’t type a message. 

[email protected]
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