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Last Updated: Aug 28, 2017 11:49AM EDT
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Inviting People 
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Editing Roles
Blocking a User
Confirming a User
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This is where Program Managers and Owners are able to view and manage the members of their SoapBox community. 

A) Invite PeopleThis option is only available for communities who aren’t using  SSO authentication. There are three ways to invite people:
  • Invite individual users by typing in their email addresses
  • Create accounts for multiple users by uploading a CSV that contains their first name, last name and email address (with no column headers); those users will receive an email invite to create a password for their SoapBox account
  • Create an account on behalf of a user; that user will receive an email invite to create a password for their SoapBox account

B) Search UsersFind people by typing their first or last name into the Search Bar.

C) Edit Role - Program Managers and Owners can only modify the roles of those with a lower permission level. E.g. An Owner can modify the role of a Program Manager, an Innovation Partner or a User, but a Program Manager can only modify the role of an Innovation Partner and a User.

D) Actions - The different colours on the far right indicate different statuses. Yellow means the user has not confirmed their account yet and therefore cannot access your SoapBox community. Red means they have been blocked and do not have access to your SoapBox Community. 

Clicking the gear icon gives you different options to manage the users in your Soapbox. 

Blocking a user removes their access from your SoapBox community. Unblocking a user gives them access to the community. This is the message a blocked user will receive when they try to sign in. 

Confirming a user bypasses the usual email account confirmation process. Manually confirming a user should be avoided as the confirmation process through email ensures that only accounts with valid email addresses are created. 


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